Who We Are


We are a local dive bar that secretly has class.  Great food, great service all served in a very casual atmosphere with absolutely no pretense.

We're a little place with a big heart.  The Shanty has been serving the Good People of Salem for 30 years and is a local institution.

Alas! We are too tiny to take reservations. First come, first served.

We welcome anyone who wants to come and relax with us.  You can even have beers with your dog on our patio, if the weather permits. This is one place where you can let your freak flag fly.

Meet the Staff

Diane Wolf “Mama Bear” - Owner



Dee is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University who came to the culinary profession by way of coffee house management.  In a former life she was a professional photo-finisher and darkroom tech, until that went the way of the dodo.  She likes dogs.  Once, someone talked her ear off, rendering her a poor candidate for your Marco Polo team.

Baby Lee.jpg

Lee Wolf “Lee Majors” - Owner

Lee is both witty AND decorative; His Nibs is the consummate schmoozer.  He is known about the North Shore as both a killer Trivia Jockey and a tough professor at Montserrat College of Art. 

Lee is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, which means he has more talent in his baby toe than most of us will ever possess in a lifetime.  He has used that talent to design our logo, as well as being published in the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, Bostonia Magazine and more.  He is available by the hour, the week or the month.