Looking for partners in crime for some serial good deeds.

It all started with one bartender who had a good idea.  He thought he would donate his tips from a special night at the Lobster Shanty to his beloved Salem YMCA – he told a bunch of friends and wound up earning about $800 for the YMCA that night.  William Legault planted the seed for what has now become a grand event with raffle prizes, great live music, celebrity guest bartenders and generous community donations from all around the North Shore.

Fast forward to eight years later and the Lobster Shanty is now hosting a much-anticipated community fund raising event that has the potential to earn thousands of dollars for the Salem YMCA “Y for all” campaign, which subsidizes YMCA membership for families who cannot afford it.  This is where you come in; we are looking for donations.

We already have generous donations from Merrimack Valley Distributing, Ryan & Wood Distilleries, Narragansett Brewery and more.  What we are looking for is raffle items which can bring attention to your business as well as do good works for the kids of Salem.  We are raffling everything from original works of art, a giant lobster, gift certificates to local restaurants, tickets for plays, attractions or travel, boxes of chocolates, autographed books – you name it.

Some stand-out items will be singled out for special daily raffles in the week leading up to the event – thus helping us earn that much more for the YMCA.

The Lobster Shanty will be donating 5% of the day’s total sales to the Salem Y, the musicians, including Ronnie “Black Hat” Deschenes, will be donating their time, allowing us to add their wages to the overall donation; also regular & guest bartenders will be donating their cash tips to the cause.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous donation.


Diane & Lee Wolf and the entire Shanty Crew

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