2013 Adult Shanty Prom a HUGE success!

It was a damp, rainy night and the possibility of  New England change in the weather was always present, but, that did not stop guests from all over the galaxy from showing up to our second annual Prom. The theme of this years prom was "Out of this World" and it was certainly that!  

Special thanks to 

Special thanks to the folks at 

ShutterBooth New England

Cisco Brewers Nantucket

Triple 888 Vodka 

as well as Betty & Sarah Babcock, Kate G., Alikia, Flooze, Finn, Dale, Dave "Evil McGyver" O'Shea, Chef Tom and little Stevie for all of their hard work.

Photos courtesy of Social Palates Photography


#shantyprom #salemma $5 prom attire required by @socialpalates