As you may know, the Shanty is undergoing some exciting renovations over the next few years. Now that our deck is complete, the next step is the addition of a second bathroom. This one will be accessible to folks of all abilities AND it will have a baby changing station. In order to use the space best we will actually be renovating the existing bathroom as well. We are totally excited! Of course this work must be complete before we open for business on April first, so we need to get started right away. For this reason we will be moving up our closing night festivities to Friday January 6th. We will celebrate New Year’s Eve with you fine peeps and then close for a few days to do inventory and get ready for Closing Night – we’ll then open at Noon for one last day this season. The usual plan is still in place, a round robin of every bartender who works at the Shanty and an unusual menu of stuff that we must sell. The Wall of Fame will go up on Christmas Day. We thank you, in advance, for your patience & understanding and we hope you will also share in our excitement for a future without a long line for the bathroom. Cheers!



12:00 PM - 1:00 AM


We are, by our very nature, a dive bar. Therefore we are strictly 21+ after 11 PM nightly