It is that time of year again - the count down has already begun. 
Come say goodbye to your friends at the Shanty before we begin our 10-week hiatus. There will be drinking! There will be eating! There might even be... dancing! 

The party begins at Noon and lasts all day & night.

You can help us clean out the place for the winter by helping us to consume everything that we have left. You may even get on the Wall of Fame if you eat or drink the last of something.

As is tradition EVERY bartender will be working - here is the lineup:
Mike P will open the joint for lunch at Noon and stay until 7pm.
From 7 to 8 Finn takes the helm
From 8 to 9 Monkey is your bartender
From 9 to 10 Flooze pours the booze
From 10 to 11 Betty is on the stick
From 11 to Midnight Dale minds the well
and from Midnight to last call Sam is your gal.